About us

Our business started in 1982 in China, We are a people-orientated, progressive business. We are the combination of Hungary’s and China’s leading independent engineering and services business. With 48 years experience in construction of our chief engineers, 1,000,000m³ reinforced concrete pouring managing experience, we know concrete like the palm of our hand. we are proud of everything we’ve achieved and all the projects we’ve successfully delivered to our customers over the years. Whatever the Reinforced Concrete, the High-Density Concrete, the Decorative Concrete,the Pervious Concrete,the Polymer Concrete,the Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, or the Water Tight Concrete……   We will build the robust structure according to your demond! Working across a variety of sectors within the building and infrastructure industry, our innovative, responsible and forward-thinking approach allows us to work on fantastic ground-breaking projects, providing solutions using the latest tools and technologies.



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